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Criminal Tax Attorney David M. Garvin, P.A. Located at 200 S. Biscayne Blvd, Suite 3150 Miami, Fl. Phone: 305-371-8101

United States v. Unkle

In this case, the taxpayer a pilot for a major airline, retired do to a disability. The taxpayer received a large disability payment which was paid in two annual installments.

The IRS audited the taxpayer during the year of the first disability payment and told the taxpayer's CPA that he should have declared the first as taxable income because the taxpayer had not paid the disability policy premium from his paycheck.

In year two the taxpayer once again filed a return that did not include any of the disability income. The same IRS agent paid another visit to the CPA insisting that the previous year and the current disability payment should be declared as the agent informed the CPA before.

The CPA then produced an alleged official letter from the airline disclosing that there was a mistake made previously when issuing the 1099 for the disability payments.  The letter stated that the the taxpayer had paid the disability policy premium from his paycheck.

The IRS agent took the letter to the airline and discovered that the alleged signature did not belong to any employee of the airline. It was a forgery. 

The CPA told the agent that the client had given him the letter. As a result the taxpayer got indicted with two counts of tax fraud.

During trial the  IRS brought a handwriting expert who testified that the signature on the letter  was made by the taxpayer.

However David Garvin brought his own expert to testify. The defense expert observed that the signature was a photocopy. Further, the two names composing the signature presented two opposing slants one upwards for the first name and a downward slant  on the last name. The expert stated that it was obvious that someone had taken the names that may have been written by the taxpayer on different and unrelated documents and pasted them  into a "new" document with clear tape and then photocopied the bogus document.  Concurrently the defense investigator Mr. Steve Roadruck discovered that the CPA had previously forged another client's signature on certain checks.

During cross examination the CPA was confronted by Mr. Garvin with the facts and copies of the forged instruments. In what is now a classic phrase, the CPA stated "I am not the one on trial here". Defense attorney Garvin, looking at the jurors responded "It is abundantly clear that you should be."  
(see verdict below)


Verdict Transcript

Excerpt of trial transcript from United States of America v. Charles T. Unkle, Docket Number: 98-398, January 28, 1999.
(Court reconvened at 4:18 p.m. out of the presence of the jury.)

The Court: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a verdict.

•  Mr. Christopher Kron is the Foreperson.

•  Please bring in the jury.

•  (The jury entered the courtroom at 4:20 p.m.)

The Court: Mr. Kron, I understand you are the Foreperson and the jury has reached a verdict.

Jury Foreman: We have.

The Court: If you will hand the packet to Officer DeStefani. And will you, officer, hand it to Mr. Heede? Mr. Heede will you please publish the verdict.

Mr. Heede: United States District Court, Southern District of Florida, case number 93-398, criminal, Seitz. United States of America versus Charles T. Unkle.

Verdict: We the jury find the defendant as to Count 1, not guilty; as to Count 2, not guilty; as to Count 3, not guilty, so say we all. Dated January 28, 1999. Signed, Christopher Kron, Foreperson.

The Court: I believe now I have to formally adjudicate Mr. Unkle as not guilty, I believe. In the matter of United States versus Charles T. Unkle, case number 98-398 CR, Seitz, based on the verdict of the jury, I find you not guilty as to Count 1, not guilty as to Count 2, and not guilty as to Count 3. Sir, you are free to go.

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